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February 26, 2010

Newspaper #228

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Hello Penguins, Pinky here 🙂 Today alot of things had happened! The New, Newspaper #228 came out, the orange puffle is now in the Pet shop, new pin, and the Snow & Sports catalog cheats!!  First off, I’ll give you the SWF link to the Newspaper so you don’t have to look at it on Club Penguin if your not on it 😉 It is – 

Orange Puffle

The orange puffle can now be bought at the Puffle Shop for 800 coins, here’s a picture of the page in the Puffle catalog:

Aww! It’s so cute 🙂 I have an orange puffle, its name is Cheese. 😉

Wagon Pin

  1. Go to the Ski Village
  2. Go into the Ski Lodge
  3.  Waddle over to the fireplace

Awesome!! It relates a little to the orange puffle, don’t you think? 😉

Snow & Sports Catalog Cheats

  1.   Click on the penguin that’s waving on the first page, and you’ll get the Green Baseball Suit, and the Green Baseball Hat!
  2. Click on the Pitcher’s Mound that is on the second to last page, which is the Sports Furniture, and you’ll get the Red Ball Cap

Well, that’s all for now! 🙂

-Pinky :mrgreen:


February 25, 2010

Screenhog on Puffle Design

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Hello Penguins, Pinky here. I just want to let you all know, that I am truly, very, sorry, for not posting lately.. Well, like I said on my Twitter I would be posting again soon. I’m keeping that promise. Anyways, I’m just going to jump right into what’s happening right now. I’m not going to waste time posting about other things, so, yeah. 🙂  First off, Screenhog posted on the What’s New blog, at the Club Penguin site (Click HERE to view the post!)

Screenhog on Puffle Design

Hi everyone, it’s Screenhog!

It’s the time of year when we honor the island’s best pets – puffles. Way back when Club Penguin first launched, there weren’t any puffles at all. But a lot of you asked to have some kind of pet to adopt and we decided to make up a completely new creature. That’s how the puffle came to be. Actually, you guys even decided on the name “puffle”!
Last year we showed a couple of the original sketches back from November 2005 when artists first started sketching what a penguin’s pet might look like – we wanted to show some of those again (in case you missed them) plus a few more that have never been seen before.pufflesketches.jpg


What do you think?
Hey, if you had the chance to design a make-believe pet, what would it be like?
-Club Penguin Team

Awesome! How’s the puffle party going for you all? 😉 Rockhopper will be coming soon, too! Check it out 😉

Plus, be sure to keep your eye open for many changes that’ll be coming soon, here at the CPCheaters!! 😉

-Pinky :mrgreen:

February 2, 2010

Jump Start

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Hello Penguins, Pinky here. Yes, it’s time to jump back into the Club Penguin Cheats blogging 😉 First off, we are going to jump right into what is happening right now, instead of posting what had happened in the past.. You wouldn’t like that? Would you? 🙂 Well.. Anyways.. Here we go. Now, Billybob has posted on the What’s New Blog about the upcoming events that’ll be going on in Club Penguin!! Here is what the post had to say.

February Sneak Peek!

Hello Penguins,

 February’s here! That means a new month of celebrations and surprises. A big thanks to everyone who made January so awesome! The team has some big plans for this month, so here’s a few sneak peeks. There’s going to be tons of new stuff, especially for puffles!

Watch for new catalogs, secrets and a new play at the Stage! Make sure to keep checking back for more updates.

 In the meantime, let us know what you think those pictures might be!

 Until then… Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team

Awesome! Do you think the Puffle Party will be back? Let us know by leaving a comment! That’s all for now 😉

-Pinky :mrgreen:



January 18, 2010

I Apologize

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Ello everybody, Pinky here (:  Well, I apologize for not posting lately… I promise, 2010, is a new year.. To start fresh, on posting Club Penguin Cheats, I’ll start posting again, A.S.A.P  😉  Thank you for understanding and have a great day  🙂

-Pinky :mrgreen:

December 31, 2009


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Hey guys, I’m sorry for not posting. I’ve been really busy with other sites, IW, and a ton of other stuff so I haven’t got the chance to post on here. But, I just want to say one thing:


I want to wish everybody a happy new year and an awesome good start! What did you like the most about 2009? What did you like the least? Leave a comment. 😉


December 28, 2009


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Yup, it’s true. Megazboy1’s sister faked his death all along, and now she’s grounded. Megazboy1 is alive. 🙂 But for sure, it was a sick-minded, horrible joke.. Bubblez, Megazboy1’s sister said it was a joke, a funny joke. It wasn’t. It was a terrible joke that she pulled on just about everyone. I’ll never forgive her, sorry to say though. Now I know that she can’t be trusted, I trusted her that she was telling her the truth, but I guess the truth was Megazboy1 was actually alive, not dead. I’ll be back to posting Club Penguin cheats soon. 🙂

-Pinky :mrgreen:

December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

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Hey everyone, Pinky here! Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas 🙂

Remember, if your in the US, drive safe, and Happy Holidays!!

-Pinky :mrgreen:

December 13, 2009

Moving On

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Hello everyone, Pinky here. I know that recently Megazboy1 had passed away. 😥 I’ve decided to just move on, move on like I’ve done with many other people that I know.. This song here helps me get through things too..

But just to let you know, that I’m going Twitter too 🙂    😉  I so far have only one tweet.. 😆  Their’ll be lots of changes and things going around here, so keep your eye open! :mrgreen: That’s all for today, more soon (:

-Pinky :mrgreen:


December 10, 2009


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Hey everyone, please go to for something really important 😥

December 9, 2009


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Hey everyone, Pinky here! Remember my brother Mr Bean25334? Well, now he has his own site 🙂 It’s a Runescape, Roblox, and some others cheat site!! The link is,  😉  That’s all for now! By the way, my brother and I had no school today! Because there was tons of snow on the ground and it was a snow storm when I woke up for school, plus it’s very cold outside too..

-Pinky :mrgreen:

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