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March 2, 2010

Upcoming Club Penguin March Events & Series 7 Treasure Catalog Cheats!

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Hello Penguins, Pinky here. 🙂 Today do we have a post for you! Upcoming Club Penguin March Events, and Series 7 Treasure Catalog Cheats! First off, the Upcoming Club Penguin March Events, this is what the Club Penguin Team posted on the “What’s New” blog. (Click HERE to read the original post)

Upcoming Club Penguin March Events

Hello Penguins!

 March has arrived, and that means lots of exciting new events are coming up fast!

 Starting this week we begin the countdown to the Penguin Play Awards. For those who didn’t make it last year, it’s a huge event where everyone votes for their favorite Stage plays from 2009. Check out this sneak peek of the Plaza…

 Penguin Play Awards.jpg


It’ll kick off March 19 – How do you think you and your friends will get ready for the red carpet?

 In other news, Rockhopper’s been spotted in the telescope at the Beacon, so that means he’ll be on the island soon. And later this month you can keep your eye out for a big surprise – a brand new game! I can’t say much about it, just that you’ll need to be quick… and ready to come to the rescue…

 Until then… Waddle on!

 -Club Penguin Team

Awesome! A new game? You need to be quick and ready to come to the rescue? What do you think the game is? I think it’s a new game that’s going to be about lifeguards saving fellow penguins from sharks.

Series 7 Treasure Catalog Cheats

  1. Page 1 – Click the Pot of Gold to get the Chocolate Bunny Ears.
  2. Page 2 – Click on the lights that’s in the backround of the baseball field to get the Referee Suit.
  3. Page 3 – Click on the tree that’s at the very bottom of the page to get the Secret Agent Suit.
  4. Page 4 – Click on the black area that’s on the moon, on the top right to get the Bee costume.

That’s all for today! 😉

-Pinky :mrgreen:


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