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September 5, 2009

Fall Fair 2009 Cheats, and The CP Cheaters are going Twitter

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First of all. This site was the messiest Club Penguin site I’d EVER seen (apart from mine). So I gave it a make over. I giant make over. Pinkgirl said the real posting would start Tuesday. I say it starts right here, right now. Also Pinkgirl, please delete authors who haven’t posted in about the last 2 weeks, it makes the site SO much cleaner. Anyway, Fall Fair 2009.

As you may have noticed, there’s ALWAYS been a ticket cheat, and there still is one.

Be quick before they fix it.

You can get items at the Forest and the great puffle circus Entrance.

Use the ticket cheat above to get the 700 ticket Circus igloo which is great!

On to our next topic, Twitter! Club Penguin Cheaters now has Twitter!

Please follow us on

Pinkgirl tell me how you wantme to tell you the password by commenting on this post.



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  1. Ehhhh…. Wow, nice post. 😯 I’ll get right to it. 😉 And… I’m not sure about how were gonna do the password…

    Comment by Pinkgirl3919 — September 6, 2009 @ 4:01 pm

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