The CPCheaters

July 17, 2009

Dj Blaier Here

Filed under: 1 — ♣♦♥Ðj βlåïeя♥♦♣ @ 5:24 pm

Hello peoples! I am Dj Blaier. U might probably know me from my blog or from Bigshowscp. Sadly, I don’t go on club penguin anymore. I get bored from it. Instead i play Pandanda. Pandanda is like cp except u r a pandanda and the places r different. Right now, Pandanda is still in it’s beta version so hurry up and get a I am a Beta T-shirt. Most likely i will post Pandanda cheats. I do know some really good cheats for club penguin too! I hope u guys will like the posts i make. Oh and People who voted for me Thanks A lot! Comment if u voted for me. I really want to make a post about u guys who voted for me! I know one thing is for sure that a person name Milianarie(my friend) , and Yo Liz( A sister) did voted for me. And Thanks again for the people who voted for me!!

♣♦♥Ðj_βlåïeя♥♦♣ <—- My Signature!


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