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February 18, 2009

LE Gary

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Now you can have a portable Gary. Gary is really annoying, though! He is such a nerd.


Look at him! He should’ve gone to specsavers… joke, joke, joke.
Billybob said that they are working on 2″ Limited Edition penguins and 6″ mix & match figures. Hmm. And they’ll be in:

  • UK Disney Stores
  • USA Disney Stores
  • USA Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Theme parks (What?)
  • The CP Online Shop (Dur)

They also said that people were trying hard to find all the toys. Is anyone actually interested in the toys? People just want the codes! You buy the toy, use the code and then sell the toy on eBay!!!!!! Ok… Also he told the truth, and admittted there were bugs with the puffles. Some just aren’t playing…

But some are! It’s cute. And the pool is drained. I don’t think they thought about the injuries caused when penguins jump into a pool with no water in it.


I think they’re going to fill it back up with Puffle ‘O’s. Puffle O’s Have apple sauce in them. It’s so weird!

New catalogue alert. Click on the puffy thing:


For the grey house!


Click on the dodgeball for the viking helmet. Why the hell is the helmet in there!? Lol. And there are also boxes everywhere, if you haven’t noticed.

@Skiva Fix the header please. Thank you.




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