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November 21, 2008


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t been posting latley.The first news is nobody is entering their sites for the contest/authors wanted! I guess I am going to cancel the contest. In other news there is a new play at the stage tomorrow! Here is a sneak peek of it.


I’m so excited! Are you excited? I hear it’s a fairy fantastical fantasy world play! In other news the Trading Cards came out on Novemebr 17! Here is pictures of some of the packages.



If you want to see me just let me know! In other news the new Card-Jitsu is here! I will start making a page for a guide to be a ninja! That page will have pictures of ninjas and more! In other news there is awesome events coming up! Here is a picture of the upcoming events on the newspaper.


Also a new comic came out yesterday! Here is a picture of it.


Did you notice that each failed invention has a 1000 in it? I did noticed that! Also there is a new Space Adveture Planet Y Wallpaper! Here is what it looks like.


That looks cool! Now for the Club Penguin DS Elite Penguin Force news! I know everyone can’t wait for it to come out. It comes out on November 25!! 😀 I CAN’T WAIT!!!! Here is a trailer of it.

Isn’t it cool?!?! In other news the Coins for Change Campaign is making it way back to Club Penguin on December 12!


I can’t wait to donate my Club Penguin coins! Can’t you too wait? To learn more about the Coins for Change Campaign click this link: In other news I will be  changing the ‘Big Tour’ thing into something better and quicker! Well thats all I know. Till then Waddle On! ~Pinkgirl3919~


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