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November 8, 2008

Ninjas are really coming to Club Penguin! ( More News! )

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Hey everyone! I can see that alot of people have seen ninjas and things. But here are some pics of ninjas. Enjoy!


proof-on-ninjas1Click on the box shown above on your screen to see ninjas jumping in the Dojo!


A ninja shadow….Hmm….Getting more curious about the ninjas really coming to Club Penguin!


Everyone has seen this mystery guy. Some people say he is a ninja and some say he is Ninja Master Sensai from Penguin Chat and some people say he was the builder of the Dojo. Here is the Mystery Guy’s Player Card.


Now here is more pics of Ninjas


Now here is something very strange….


Click the letters in the order of the word “NINJA” and oce you have click each letter in order this will show up.


If you want more pics of ninjas just let me know and comment saying you want to see more pics and I will keep an eye out for any more shadows or movements of Ninjas. In other news I have a NEW look! Here is my player card.


Also I AM SO SORRY!!! I REALLY NEED TO START COMING TO THE PARTIES!! I WILL NEVER MISS A PARTY AGAIN!! I PROMISE!! This will be my FIRST party I will definetely ( Spell correct? ) come to this one!! I will reshedule AGAIN…..

When: Thursday, Penguin Standard Time: 1:40 P.M. ( Check the  clock Community on the Club Penguin Site to see if it is time to PART-TAY! )

Server: Frostbite

Place: Dock, and we will parade around Club Penguin. Then after that to My Igloo! ( My igloo will be on the map of Frostbite. ;) )

Who will be there: YOU! ME! AND EVERYONE ELSE!

What to bring: ANYTHING YOU WANT!

What I will be doing: Adding buddies, having fun with you, answering questions if you have any, some people can interview me if they want for their site, and last but not least you and me will be having a blast! ( You might wanna get there early before the Dock might get full! ) ( My list might be full after or during the party. ) Also a new theme is coming soon! It’s just like Straw000’s theme. Till then Waddle On!


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