The CPCheaters

October 30, 2008

Ninjas are real!

Filed under: Uncategorized — Tori @ 2:46 am

Hey everyone! I have been hearing rumors that there is ninjas at the Dojo. I went to the Dojo myself, and I looked but no ninjas, I was there until lighhtning struck, and there was a real ninja!!! I before my eyes I saw a ninja come and vanish very quickly! I tryed to get a picture of it but the ninjas were so fast I couldn’t get it! If you look on Mimo777’s site he has pictures and a video of them! So I guess ninjas are real after all. I guessing Club Penguin is just doing this to get really curious and more rumors might be spread. Well go see the Dojo for yourself! They come when lightning strikes, and they go away when lightning is done striking which is maybe 1 second. So you must have a good eye to be able to see them. Till the Waddle On!


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