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October 29, 2008

Halloween Party! ( Continued )

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Hey everyone! I just came back from school and did some more exploring on Club Penguin! I also forgot to tell you that the pumpkin basket is located at the Snow Forts. I also found a new secret room! Do you wanna know what it is? Drum Roll please! (*drum roll*) It’s a Secret Lab room! Located in the Book Room upstairs the Coffee Shop click the green glowing candle on the book shelf, and a opening will appear underneath the candle! I  found a few candy, I will tell you the ones I found so far and not found but heard thats where it is, the first one I found was a carmel located at the Iceberg, if you click the Northern Lights maybe in the middle you will see a box forming into a carmel! Also the chocolate candy bar is located at the Snow Forts, if you click on the blue flag by the Clock Tower, the blue flag will go down, and the candy bar will come up! Also I just figured out how to make the hugelightning strike! The lightning strike that makes Club Penguin white for maybe 1 second. Wanna here how to do it? Well here it is! It is located in the Soccer Pitch. Find the pumpkin with half white and half orange, and on the orange side is a white star, if you click on the pumpkin there will a HUGE lighning strike! So thats whats making the HUGE lightning strikes. Well thats all I know! Till then Waddle On!


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