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October 22, 2008

Pinkgirl3919 is 1 years old on Club Penguin!

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Hey everyone! Today when I came on I noticed that my computer was working well with Club Penguin again and my penguin is 1 year old! Because of that I’m throwing a BIRTHDAY PARTY FOR MY PENGUIN! Here is a Party Invatation.

When: Monday, Penguin Standard Time: 5:30 PM

Server & Place: Snow Angel & Starting at the Dock then after the Dock will be my igloo!

What to bring: EVERYTHING YOU WANT! đŸ™‚

Who will be there: Me! You! Everyone Else!

What I will be wearing: Pink hoddie, Pearl necklace, Pink shoes, Black Mask, Teddy Bear ( If you look in the picture below if you scroll down a it you will see what I look like! )


It will be the same as last post. Also as you can see I changed the PST to 5:30 PM. Check the Community Page to see what time it is! Here is the link! You can also look here for the hits party time! I will also be accepting people as buddies at the party if my list is full I will say something like ‘FULL!’. There will also be a new goal it will be 1,000 I know it is a long wait but if you tell all your friends about to visit this site then it won’t be to long to wait! Also I will also be wearing that to the Hits Party! Well As Everyone Always Say Waddle On!


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