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October 17, 2008

About the Newspaper and Rockhopper’s Notice Board and More News!

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Hey everyone! I’m finnally at the different house and the computer works well with Club Penguin! 🙂 I got to see the Newspaper and Rockhopper’s Notice Board in the Captain’s Quarters! First I will tell you about the notice board! Rockhopper has a To Do List, and here is what the notice board looks like! PICTURE COMING SOON! But here is what the To Do List Says: – Judge Halloween igloos with Aunt Artic – Celebrate Anniversary with snow cannon! – Eat lots of cake – Leaving Port ( Club Penguin ): Oct. 27. Well thats all for the Notice Board! Also I put the Wwe Adam Pic on the Sidebar! Sorry that it’s sloppy.. and now for the Newspaper! In the Newspaper they talk about all the events! I will tell you about the Top Story first. The Top Story is about the 3rd Club Penguin Anniversary! When I read this article I got too excited! Do you know why? Because the party was already extended, and it never beginned yet! It extended to Oct. 24-26! I will aslo tell you what it says here is what it says: It’s EXTENDED! Oct. 24-26! Party with your friends for 2 EXTRA DAYS! Party celebrations planned for more places! New Yearbook! Rockhopper arrives in time! The next page is also about the Anniversary again! Here is what is says: To all the penguins on the island: This last year has truly been special. This was the year of Coins for Change, of saving the Migrator, building the Stage, and when the yellow puffles first joined us. But most of all, this was a year of new friendships, surprises and adventures. So from all of us at the Club Penguin Times: thank you for a fantastic year, and we eagerly look forward to the next. We’ll see you at the party. Cheers! Then the next article says something about the anual Halloween Eclispe. Here is what it has to say: Reporter: Club Penguin Times is here with an important announcement from Gary the Gadget Guy! Gary, according to rumors, you’ve got bad news about the yearly Halloween eclipse. What’s the scoop? Gary the Gadget Guy: I hate to break bad news, but I’ve checked my astronomical equipment, and I don’t believe an eclipse will be happening this year. Reporter: By Rockhopper’s Beard! Say it ain’t so Gary! Gary the Gadget Guy: Umm… I should get back to work. Reporter: You heard it here first folks. Will this Halloween be more sunny than spooky? Check back next week for more details. Then in the next page it tells about the Halloween Igloo Contest! Here is what it has to say: Just in time for Halloween, an igloo-decorating contest with a terrifying twist is being held this month. To put together you best Halloween home, check out the labatory of funky furnishings in the Oct. 17 Better Igloos catalog. Judges will be looking for creativity, careful construction, and creepy collections. It’s so awesome, it’s scary! Best of luck, and happy decorating! Now if you go over the pumpkin something else will show up and here is what it says: Judging: Oct. 17-26 – 40 winners will be selected. – 20 winners will be announced October 23, and 20 more on October 30. – Grand prize winners will have their igloos featured in the Club Penguin Times and receive 25,000 coins! Runners up will have their names featured in the Club Penguin Times and receive 15,000 coins! – To enter, all you need to do is decorate your igloo. Now for the events! -October 17-26 Igloo Decorating Contest   -October 24 Club Penguin Anniversary!      -October 29 Halloween Party!   -October 31 New Snow & Sports Catalog   -October 24 New Pin. Thats all for the events! I also noticed we reached our goal!! So were gonna have a PARTY!!! I will put the invatation in the next post. As everyone always say Waddle On!


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