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October 11, 2008

Rockhopper is coming back!

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Hey everyone! Rockhopper is coming back to Club Penguin! Just wanna give you a heads up that he is coming! If you don’t know who he is and what he does, here is some information. Rockhopper is a pirate, he has a puffle named Yarr. Whenever Rockhopper comes he brings a catalog with him. In the catalog has goodies he brought back from different places. You can buy these items in his ship, he also, everytime he comes he puts a free item in the catalog. To get to the catalog go down inside his ship and go to the wall on the left then his catalog will show. There is also a button you click, but I don’t remember which side it was. If you click the button the catalog will show. Now lets talk about the Captain’s Quarters room. In the Captain’s Quarters room you can play Treasure Hunt, look at his notice board, and look around! The key to his room is in the Book Room the Book Room is located upstairs in the Coffee Shop. If you go to the books in the Book Room it will show you different books. Click the book that says ‘ The Journal of Captain Rockhopper’. To find the key in this book you got to go to the very end of the book. If you want to get there quickly you can go to the Table of Contents in the first page of the book. Then click the ‘Newest Writin’. Now click the right lower corner of the book two times and you will find the key! Also when Rockhopper is in Club Penguin, people will be looking for him. The reason they are looking for him is because they want to get a gift from him. If you find Rockhopper he will give you a gift, in order to get a gift you must click on Rockhopper and his player card will show. There will be box button on the bottom of his player card. If you click on it you will be able to get the gift. Now if you are wondering how to find him, I will give you a guide and a place to click on to find him. Here is the place to click on ( This is how I found Rockhopper.), all you gotta do is type a name and chose a gender, thats what I do. 😉 and click ok 2 times. Now here is the guide! 🙂 Rockhopper can be found on Club Penguin. He gives gifts to you if you find him,( look above for information on the gift part) he usually gives out an eyepatch, and a backround with him and his signature. He commonly found at these Servers: Mammoth,Frozen,Mittens,and Rocky Road. Now the commonly places he is found in: Dock,Beach,Ice Berg, Pizza Parlor,Plaza,and the Night Club. Rockhopper is a taller than all of the penguins. He wheres a BIG pirate hat, so he can be easily found. If you see people shouting ‘ROCKHOPPER!!!!’ then surely you might be in the same room as he is in. Usually there will be people with the color red crowding around him and dancing and asking him questions. Rockhopper is sometimes a bot and sometimes there will be a Club Penguin Staff playing as him. Well thats all I gotta tell you so bye! for more information on how to find Rockhopper, GO HERE! Hope this helps when he is back at Club Penguin! 😀 (Sorry for the big spaces near the end.)


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  1. when is rockhopper coming back this month
    Pinkgirl3919: Soon! In a couple days or a week. 😉

    Comment by {stevboy100} username real name steven — May 15, 2009 @ 1:12 am

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